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Posted on 2011-02-21 @ 20:17:50 by r00t

UPDATE! We cut them open! Click here to see...

My wife and I have always had mutant lemons from our lemon trees (now bushes) out in our front yard - check out these new ones, the first new ones in a long time...

When we bought our house, there used to be lemon trees in our front yard. From these trees, we managed to get a ton of lemons, though we noticed on occasion we would get what we called our "mutant lemons". The strangest of these:

Mutant Lemon
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Mutant Lemon 2
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Ever see anything so ugly? Well, anyhow, over time we gathered lemons, and while we never found anything quite so strange as that one, we did find we would get "massive lemons":

Big Mutant Lemon
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We never cut open either one of these lemons, so we don't know if they were mutant inside too, or whether they tasted good or not. Other normal lemons we got off our trees ended up being very tasty; great for making lemonade or cooking.

Several years back, we had to cut down our lemon trees, unfortunately. One ended up splitting in two, falling over and almost hitting one of our cars, the other ended up getting infested with carpenter bees (at least we thought), and started dying - so in the end, we cut them both down to stumps close to the ground, and planted other things in the planters around the stumps.

But they didn't die! We started noticing "volunteer" shoots emerging from the stumps. Since we liked our lemon trees, we figured we'd give 'em a chance, and see what they did. Over a few years, many more shoots grew, and we ended up with two large "lemon bushes". Several weeks ago, we noticed that we had a few lemons, even! Things didn't work out perfect, though: We ended up having a frost, and our lemon bushes don't look great right now. Before the frost occurred, though, we picked off the few lemons we got, and they were mutants too!

Massive Mutant Lemon
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Massive Mutant Lemons 2
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Huge and bumpy! We don't know why these are like this, and we haven't cut them open yet. I plan on taking pictures when we do, though. We also got a couple of others, not nearly as large though...


My wife Tanja and I cut them open! The first one we tried was one with relatively smooth skin; juicy inside, and relatively tart. The second and third lemons were the ones with really bumpy skin (shown earlier). One was tart, yet a little sweet, while the other was amazingly sour - very concentrated:

Cut Open Massive Mutant Lemons 1
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The last lemon happened to be frost-bitten or something; it was tart, but bitter. We weren't sure how it would be with the rest, so we ended up cutting it into pieces, and throwing it into the garbage disposal to freshen it up:

Cut Open Massive Mutant Lemons 2
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Overall, we were very pleased with our first set of lemons. I was honestly worried that they wouldn't be worth anything to eat. We ended up squeezing the lemons and making two trays of frozen lemon juice cubes. We use these cubes mainly in cooking, and sometimes we make lemonade with them. After they are frozen in the trays, we pop them out, put them in ziplock bags, then leave them in the freezer. They're ready to use in an instant!

A special thank you to my wife Tanja, for assisting in the surgery; the operations were a success, though the patients will not recover...

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