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Exploration and Learning

This site has always been about exploration and learning, and maybe a bit of fun, ever since it was first created as a simple set of pages in my user folder, at the now defunct Phoenix-based ISP, Internet Direct.

Back then, it was all hand-crafted HTML from a text editor. It went through a few more iterations, becoming dynamic using Perl, then PHP and MySQL (LAMP), until finally becoming a responsive, mobile-first, securely-served, and statically-generated site in the Spring of 2020.

This new version of the site still exists to be what it has always been, which is a place of exploration and learning, particularly on topics relating to:

Where did the old content go?

Don’t worry: I made a backup of the old site. Not just for posterity’s sake, but also because there are a few articles from it that I want to bring back and/or recreate as new content here. If you have a specific favorite article that isn’t showing up any longer, let me know, and I’ll put it on the list for ressurection.

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy the site!